Hope is a series photographed in and around various small Canadian towns in the regions where I spent my childhood. Within these familiar urban and rural locales I utilize the self to engage the body's capacity for improvisation and performance in order to create strange and unexpected disturbances within otherwise banal scenes. This method of photography regularly relies on the vagaries of chance: "accidents" that arise during my ambulatory search for sites and situations.

Much of my work is informed by the North American landscape -vast stretches of empty wilderness interspersed with parking lots, highways, and dotted with small hubs of industry mixed with sleepy residential neighbourhoods. These topographies have haunted the periphery of my imagination, inhabiting and informing my memories (real or imagined) and practice.

Marginally occupied spaces, overlooked and neglected areas coexisting and enfolding the more actively circulating routes of populated networks are often sought out. These liminal spaces are habitually by-passed; their usage is transient and minimal, yet I find it their mundane disrepair a spark of the mysterious and the marvellous.

Prix Elysee Nomination

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