Kourtney Roy



Bachelor of Fine Arts (specializing in photography), Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, Canada

January-May 2003        

Exchange Student, École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France


December 2023

Co-recipient of the 6th edition of the Swiss Life 4 Hands Prize, alongside the composer Mathias Delplanque, Paris, France.

October 2023

Recipient of the Prix de Libraires photobook of the year for the artist book The Other End of the Rainbow, France Photobook Association, Paris

July 2023

Nominated for the Arles Book Award for the artist book The Other Endof the Rainbow, Festival Rencontres d’Arles, Arles, France

April 2022

Awarded the National library of France’s photographic commission Radioscopy of France : views on a country crossed by the health crisis, Paris, France

November 2020

Awarded the special mention for the artist book The Other End of the Rainbow, LUMA Rencontre Book Dummy Award, Arles, France

November 2019                

Recipient of the best film award in the experimental category for the film MORNING, VEGAS at the Brest European Short Film Festival

June 2018

Recipient of the Centre National des Arts Plastique documentary photography grant for the support of artistic creation, France

December 2018

Awarded the Carte Blanche Pernod Ricard Artist Campaign

June 2015

Recipient of a Canadian Council for the Arts artist grant 2015 for the series Enter as Fiction

June 2014

Selected nominee for the Prix Elysée Musée Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland

September 2013    

Recipient of the Carte Blanche PMU/Le Bal, Paris, France

May 2012

Emily Award: annual award presented to a former alumnus who has distinguished themself in the field of art, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, Canada

May 2007

Recipient of the Prix Picto, Paris, France



KRYPTIC (Feature film)

Director and co-creator

Producers: Goodbye Productions (Canada) and Taletime Pictures (UK)


SXSW world premier, Austin, Texas


SLICE OF HEAVEN (Independent short film) 4 minutes

Director, writer, producer

Producers: Lambert Lambert (France)


Raindance Film Festival, London, 2020

Très Court International Film Festival, Paris, 2021

Skyline Indie Film Fest, Winchester, Virginia, 2021


MORNING, VEGAS (Independent short film) 12 minutes

Director, writer, producer

Producers: Lambert Lambert (France) and Nightcall Productions (US)


Brest European Short Film Festival, Brest, France 2019

1 award -Best Experimental Film (UFO/Shorts TV award)

Arizona Underground Film Festival, Tucson, USA ,2019

Traveling Cinema Festival, Rennes, France,  2020


March 2024

In Between / Entre deux mondes, collective show, The National Library of France, Paris, France

October 2023

Survivalist Failures, collective show,  Anita Beckers Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany

May 2023

In Between, Festival Image Singulières, Sète, France

January 2023

The Other End of the Rainbow, Gallery Filles du Calvaire, Paris, France

Mirror of the Self, collective exhibition showing The Tourist, Photo Brussels Festival, The Hangar, Brussels, Belgium

June 2022

The Other End of the Rainbow, Festival Portraits, solo exhibition, Vichy, France

June 2022

Queen of Nowhere, Galerie Esther Woerdehoff, solo exhibition, Paris, France

The Tourist, Gallery Project 2.0, solo exhibition, The Hague, The Netherlands

October 2022

Enter as Fiction, Festival du regard- Intime & autofictions, solo exhibition, Cergy-Pontoise, France

Urban Spirit, Galerie Esther Woerdehoff, group exhibition, Paris, France

August 2021

Survivalist Failures, Festival Bretagne Terre de photographies, solo exhibition, Dol-de-Bretagne, France

July 2021

Enter as Fiction, C’est Extra Photo Festival, solo exhibition, Aulnoye-Aymeries, France

Azimut, Lectoure Photography and Art Center, group exhibition, Lectoure, France

January 2021

Sorry, No Vacancy and The Tourist, Photography Festival: Pluie d’images, solo exhibition, Brest, France

November 2020

The Tourist, Passerelle Contemporary Art Center, solo exhibition, Brest, France

Enter as Fiction, Capucins Ateliers, solo exhibition, Brest, France

October 2020

Azimut, Nicéphore Niépce Museum, group exhibition, Chalon-sur-Saône, France

September 2019

In Dreams You’re Mine, Incadaqués International Photo Festival, solo exhibition, Cadaqués,  Spain

November 2018

Carte Blanche Pernod Ricard, Paris Photo, solo exhibition, Paris, France

July 2018

I Drink, Lianzhou Museum of Photography, solo exhibition, Lianzhou, China

November 2017

The Dreamers, Le Château d’Eau Photography Center, solo exhibition, Toulouse, France

October 2017

Sorry No Vacancy, Galerie Hug, solo exhibition, Paris, France                  

Enter as Fiction, L’Avenue exhibition space, solo exhibition, Shanghai, China

Enter as Fiction, KM Fine Arts Gallery, solo exhibition, Los Angeles, USA

June 2017

Enter as Fiction, Belfast Photo Festival, primary exhibition, Belfast, Ireland

April 2017

California-Enter as Fiction, Moscow Art Biennale, Multimedia Art Museum, solo exhibition, Moscow, Russia

November 2016              

Picture in Translation, Air Project Gallery, group exhibition, Geneva, Switzerland

June 2016

C’est encore moi, L’imagerie Photography Center, group exhibition, Lannion, France

November 2015

Enter as Fiction, Galerie Hug, solo exhibition, Paris, France

June 2015  

Enter as Fiction, Festival Portraits, primary exhibition, Vichy, France        

January 2015

Hope, Musée Elysée, Nominees of the Prix Elysée group exhibition, Lausanne, Switzerland

January 2015                  

Carte Blanche PMU prize recipients, Le Bal, group exhibition, Paris, France

November 2014

Strangeness, L’Atelier Tozf, group exhibition, Paris, France

November 2014

Autoportraits, Galerie Les Douches, group exhibition, Paris, France

April-May 2014

Ils pensent déjà que je suis folle, Carte Blanche PMU, solo exhibition, Le Bal, Paris, France

March 2014

Fixed in No-Time, Galerie Hug, solo exhibition, Paris, France

May 2013                  

Auto-Portraits- Muse series, Head-On Photo Festival, primary exhibition, Sydney Australia

October 2012

Lady Deauville, Planche(s) Contact Festival, solo exhibition, Deauville, France

September 2012                  

The Ideal Woman, Images Festival, group exhibition, Vevey, Switzerland

June 2012

Muse, group exhibition, Galerie Hug, group exhibition, Paris, France

March 2012

The Ideal Woman, Festival Circulations, Parc de Bagatelles, group exhibition, Paris, France

May 2011

Lady Dior, Museum of Contemporary Art, group exhibition, Shanghai, China

August 2010

Auto-portraits, Festival Project Cabourg, primary exhibition, Cabourg, France


Artist Book:

Roy, Kourtney (photos and text),  Gladys Radek  (text) and François Cheval (text), The Other End of the Rainbow, published by Editions André Frère, 2022.

Artist Book:

Roy, Kourtney, Survivalist Failures, published by Éditions Filigranes, 2022.

Artist Book:

Roy, Kourtney, Queen of Nowhere, published by IIKKI Books, 2022.

Artist Book:

Roy, Kourtney, The Tourist, published by Editions André Frère, 2020.

Artist Book:

Roy, Kourtney, In Dreams You’re Mine, Published by International Photo Festival Incadaqués, 2019.

Artist Book:

Roy, Kourtney, California, Paris, Éditions Louis Vuitton, 2016.

Artist Book:

Roy, Kourtney, Northern Noir, Paris: Éditions La Pionnière, 2016.

Artist Book:

Roy, Kourtney, Enter as Fiction, Paris : Éditions Filigranes, 2015.

Artist Book :

Roy, Kourtney. Ils pensent déjà que je suis folle. Paris : Éditions Filigranes, 2014.


National Library of France collection, Entre deux mondes/ In Between- 10 prints from the series, Paris, France

Nicéphore Niépce Museum collection, Slide from the series Middle of Fucking Nowhere (AZIMUT), Chalon-sur-Saôwne, France

National Library of France collection, Untitled from the series Middle of Fucking Nowhere (AZIMUT), Paris, France

Le Château d’Eau, Northern Noir, Bus, Toulouse, France

European House of Photography, Enter as Fiction N° 72, Paris, France

Elysée Museum, Series Hope, Prix Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland

Rencontres d’Arles, Ils pensent déjà que je suis folle N° 20, Arles, France


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